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Good day, my name is Tom. I am currently in the healthcare field and want to move to a more personally satisfying career. I have a passion for gardening, growing fruits, vegetables, flowers and cannabis around my yard. I have no formal horticultural experience or degree in botany but I have a strong background in science, chemistry and math. I am looking to break into the cannabis industry as a grower and any advice or connections would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Tom! I’m currently a grower. I worked in general horticulture for many years before entering the cannabis industry. If I were you I would look for a flower department job. They are often entry level and you get some good hands on experience. Once you’re in you can learn more about veg, propagation and more. Being a gardener and a hobby grower helps a lot, but it’s also different in a commercial setting, so be open to growing differently than you might do for yourself.

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