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Celebrities in the Cannabis Industry - Who would you like to see next?

Cannabis Culture

It was recently announced that Justin Bieber was joining the cannabis industry with his signature "PEACHES" by Palms. He will be supporting non-profits Veterans Walk and Talk / Last Prisoner Project


Who is someone (or corporation) you would like to see involved in the cannabis industry? What initiatives would you like to see supported?


I was definitely stoked to hear that Justin Bieber made the decision to use his brand to support non-profits. I remember being super excited when Seth Rogen came out with his own cannabis brand Houseplant. I think it would be exciting to see more musicians coming out with their own brands and products, as cannabis and music go hand in hand. I love to see LPP getting support, and think they are one of the most important organization in the cannabis Industry. It isn't right for people to be sitting behind bars while others are making millions for the same thing.

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