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Chemical Engineer in Cannabis

Introduce Yourself

As a Chemical Engineer by training, a role in the extraction process of cannabis products/derivatives would be where I would be interested. I have a background in biology with my minor, and my internship experience was in the Pharmaceutical sector. I possess good documenting, lab, and manufacturing practices, data analysis, and technical writing skills that are valuable in any field. Additionally, what is invaluable to me is my experience working at a start-up as an intern. My internship exposed the reality of having many responsibilities that may be outside of your knowledge or scope. Working in a diverse multidisciplinary team with different, sometimes overlapping knowledge is the best configuration for teams working in start-ups and also serves as an environment I'd love to grow in. Professionally, I want to be in an environment that fosters energy and versatility.

Socially, I want to assist in efforts to destigmatize cannabis usage. As cannabis becomes legalized pervasively, there are still misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding the plant and its' users. Working to make quality cannabis products accessible to everyone. As a minority, introducing more diversity into the industry would also be a goal of mine.

I am hoping someone could assist me in finding something that fits my wants for the beginning of my career.


Coree-Schmitz: HI Damon! I think your skill set is really valuable in cannabis and there are a lot of ways to start the process. Are there specific states you are looking to work in? Within those states, have you found any information on specific extractors or manufacturers that would have need for your skills? I have found that a great way to get into the industry is to reach out to the owners of the companies I respect and appreciate the most and ask them what they are looking for currently and if my skills fit in the near future. Good luck in your search and always check back to see what new jobs are posted on Vangst!

Hi Coree,

I really appreciate your response as I'm attempting to navigate my job search. I'm interested in working in the Seattle mostly. In what ways do you think I should go about reaching out to owners. Should I try LinkedIn or are there alternative ways to go about it.

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