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The U of A is offering a pretty expensive program. I am seeking feedback from recruitment or other companies on the value of these courses for folks without cannabis experience but who have extensive skills that transfer over well to cannabis.

Thoughts/suggestions are welcomed. Is it worth it to pay $3k for a 6 week course?

Thanks in advance for helpful feedback. .


Hello Monica!

This looks like a great course but there is no guarantee that it will lead to employment. When seeking cannabis education it is usually up to the student to further develop their career path. The Law & Compliance option seems like one of the most bang for your buck. This is another option for cannabis education. Best of luck!

Thank you for your feedback Analyze. I appreciate you taking the time to comment with your opinion/advice.

Hi Monica, another option is to enroll at City College of San Francisco's Extension courses ranging from "Intro to Plant Properties and Principles of Cultivation," "Cannabis Infusions and Edibles," "Build Your Cannabis Brand," and "Legal and Finance 101."

Thank you Brett. I’ll check their courses out as well. I have no problem upping my education game, I just want to make sure I take courses that will help me and my future employer.

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