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Consumption as an Equity Issue!

Social Equity

Social equity advocates everywhere - how are the regulators and legislators talking about consumption in your state? What about entrepreneurs?

Many are quick to push consumption licensing and rules down the road, but here in Vermont, we've made it clear that consumption MUST be prioritized as an equity conversation. Many if not most people do not have a safe and legal space to consume cannabis. We face breaking the terms of our housing by having or consuming cannabis on-site, or face police interaction by consuming in public. This is true for a wide variety of people, but in-particular renters, those in assisted living, and almost all tourists staying in hotels or AirBNBs. Of course, the BIPOC community continues to be disproportionately impacted by these policies and systemic racism in housing and policing.

This isn't the fun or glamorous bar-type consumption that gets many people hyped, but it's important. One of the most reasonable objections I've heard has been around second-hand smoke exposure for employees in consumption spaces. Curious to hear your stories, good, bad, ugly, hopeful, as they relate to cannabis consumption in your state's policies, and in action!


An important topic! You brought up things I've never really thought of. I appreciate the thought-provoking post.

I greatly appreciate light being shed on this subject, as it is an ever looming issue. With so many barriers of entry for the average citizen to be a proprietor in the legal cannabis market, does there really need to be similar hurdles in regards to consumption? While allowing it to be used in similar manner and venues that alcohol and tobacco are, would be step in the right direction, it's still a disservice to society. People have the right to personal autonomy, how do we unite and do away with this dilemma?🧐🤝💪💚🔥🌲💨😎

Hey Benjamin, insightful topic to bring up and certainly not talked about enough. So many states especially the ones spearheading legalization played it very cautious when it came to consumption in public. I always thought that was a bad strategy particularly for the visitors and tourists. Some people have been traveling to neighboring states or across the country to consume cannabis since the early days when it was only Colorado and Washington. Once they reached the promised land, they find out that they will still have to break the law or break the rules where they were staying in town.

Personally I have always thought of it from the travelers perspective since I have a degree in tourism management and I like to return to visit my adopted home state of Colorado. My go to option while in town was 420 friendly Airbnbs .

As for those tenants, it is a sad situation that they have been put in since the legal industry has been created. The kick the can down the road strategy from our local politicians can really come back to haunt us as a society. Probably the simplest solution is to take the New York approach, and make cannabis consumption legal wherever tobacco consumption is legal (with certain exceptions of course i.e. not while driving).

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