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Getting Started in Cannabis

I have worked in a highly regulatory field (FAA) and have a vast skill set that transfers over remarkably well for the cannabis industry. My cover letters are awesome (I have them proofed/edited) and convey this message and still not getting the bites from my resume that I am for other fields.

Would anyone please suggest on what I may be doing wrong to get noticed. Any advice is appreciated.

Also, most cannabis related trade shows are all happening in Phoenix and Tucson is up and coming within the industry which is where I am located.

Thank you in advance for any advice/assistance for someone with my passion and skillset.


I am having the same problem. I am currently the Director of E-Commerce Operations for a CPG company and haven't been able to get any bites on the few jobs I've applied to. I am hoping to attend a cannabis conference later this year to see if in person networking is the key.

Hey Monica, since you're based out of Arizona have you already obtained your Facility Agent card? Some jobs don't want to go through the time to get a new hire their card and only look at candidates who already have one. It can be a frustrating out-of-pocket expense but if you see yourself really making that transition into the industry it might be necessary. And it will give you the edge over other people attending the upcoming trade shows looking for work too.

Vangst has an info guide to Arizona with links to get your card here:

Thank you Monica for sharing. I am having the same experience in Hawaii (medical only). I have 15 years experience in fine wine sales, marketing, logistics, team management. There are obvious parallels (to me, anyway) and I was hoping that those already in Cannabis would be of the same thinking.

Good luck to you in your search!



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