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Cultivation Social Equity Apprenticeship Opportunity in Sacramento, California

Social Equity

Hi everyone! My name is Kenny and I work with Pure Beauty, a cannabis brand in Los Angeles with an emphasis on sustainability and social justice.

Pure Beauty, in partnership with DSM Group, aims to address the wrongs from the War on Drugs through a cannabis cultivation apprenticeship program that focuses on increasing diversity within the cannabis industry. The 20-week pilot program takes the apprentice through the entire lifecycle of the plant, from seed to distribution. The apprentice will receive hands-on training from an experienced mentor and over 40 hours of online classroom instruction. At the end of the program, the candidate will receive a certificate that shows they have been certified in cannabis cultivation skills.

Application Instructions

Answer the following two questions in less than 500 words total (2 pages double spaced). Please be clear and concise when answering.

01 Why are you interested in the cannabis industry?

02 How has the criminalization of cannabis (marijuana, weed, etc.) from the War on Drugs adversely impacted you or the life of someone you are close to?

Send your resume and a response to the above question to [email protected] For more information on Pure Beauty, visit

Please see the link below for detailed program attachments & materials:

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