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During my time as a budtender in a medical only state I encountered a lot of very happy people who wanted their medicine and some very upset people who needed their medicine. I quickly learned it was important to treat everyone the same because most times the "angry" people were dealing with health issues and the next time they would come in they are happy as can be! These were the people who remembered me, requested me, and always tipped well. It can be refreshing hearing someone who wants something other than just the highest percentage of thc. Trying to explain to patients that THC is not the only thing that affects a users experience doesn't usually go over well and they still go for that 25% GDP. Curious what y'alls experiences have been like?


Hello! Which state do you work in? From a consumer standpoint, I've purchased cannabis from various states such as CA, NV, WA, OR, and CO. Back in the day, you'd just get to know a strain, and then you'd branch out from there but as the industry developed THC percentage became the most advertised part of the flower aside from strain. I would like to see a change in the way products are differentiated or rather how each will assist you in achieving the effects desired.

I always love hearing stories about people who educate others on how to better choose which product is best for them! I used to make decisions about products based on THC content, then a few years ago learned that its better to go based off of terpene profile. It made a HUGE difference in my consumption experience!

I totally agree that THC percentage isn't everything and shouldn't be the most advertised. It's all about the cannabinoid and terpene combination that causes the effects. We all experience different effects from strains as it's an individual experience and is about what combination works well for your body! I think of it almost like choosing an alcoholic beverage. A person doesn't always want the highest proof alcoholic beverage; instead may want a lower percentage that pairs well with the meal or situation.

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