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Do you prefer online order with curbside pick up or the in store experience?


With the way things are in the world today, many businesses have had to pivot how business is conducted which includes online ordering for curbside delivery. Do you prefer the in store experience or is curbside delivery your preference when it comes to purchasing cannabis products from dispensaries?


I definitely prefer to go in person, which is atypical for me. I like to be able to see what products are offered, even if I already know what I want. I also like to see if there are new strains and what the budtender's opinions on them are.

For me, it depends on the store and the service they have provided me in the past. I tend to be a creature of habbit. Inventory is the next thing I look for. Being immune compromised, during the pandemic I have been doing 87% delivery.

I prefer home delivery from a reputable company with a great website and customer service. Next choice is in-person at a dispensary that carries known brands at prices that aren't insane.

Personally, I prefer an in-store experience rather than ordering online. Allows you to look around at everything and ask your questions in person!

Hey Sara, I could see the in-store transaction process easily becoming a conversational one after the purchase. Not to say this can always be looked at as a good thing but if it didn't interfere with the flow of 'next-in-line' traffic, then the indoor experience should triumph. Curbside pickup may hold strong merit with a more introverted buyer, but, that statistic holds true for lots of situations in business.

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