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Do you think Cannabis Brands should leverage incentive-based marketing strategies?


Most Cannabis Brands we see on the shelves today have high quality packaging and an excellent marketing strategy behind them. The brands representative may even “woo” site managers and bud tenders by offering special incentives and bonuses for recommending/selling their product. Same situation applies as a consumer. If you buy that specific brand you may receive a free item such as a pre-roll, t-shirt, or a hat for your purchase!

Do you feel the Cannabis Brands we see in dispensaries are there as a result of quality, or is it because the brand representative has "wooed" the site managers and bud tenders to carry the product? Have you ever had products pushed on you at a dispensary where the purchase was incentive-based?


I personally have never had a specific brand recommended or pushed on me based on brand, normally I've seen a particular strain or company pushed based on reputation of quality or known/perceived potency. Ie: cookies brand or strain reputation in the marketplace known for quality/potency.

I've been to a dispensary where they pushed hard on their own in-house-made products. They had them marked down a bit cheaper than competitors that they also sold and were doing it as a promotional push to show their offerings. I feel that it was a smart way for them to promote themselves and hopefully not only earn more but show knowledgeable they can be. So I went with the deal in hope of helping

Hi Sara!

I too have personally worked in a dispensary where there was heavy emphasis on pushing in-house product at cheaper prices than their competitors. That in itself isn't necessarily an issue (for me) if the product is quality and it is being marked at that price for sheer sake of bringing down competition prices by offering quality for cheaper.

But, with that being said- I have found that I do not have any gripe towards companies (In-House or External) offering incentive for Budtenders and consumers AS LONG as the product being incentivized is actually quality (and that company is offering incentive for genuine purposes), and it is not because they potentially haggled their way into the shop.

I've seen it happen unfortunately and watch products get taken off the shelves because rather they just didn't sell for their high price point, or maybe products where frequently coming back defective, dry, etc. :(

I personally love when certain companies come in, educate Budtenders on their mission, talk shop about available strains & really take that time to build that much needed repour with the dispensary, (knowledge is power, and keeping budtenders equally and regularly informed is SUPER important to me) and then offer incentive on their side as a gesture of care and sincere appreciation for the work the Budtenders are willing to put into said incentive. Purpose, purpose purpose!

I believe its kind of my way of saying 'what can we gain from it while they (consumers) get more out of it?"

I'd love to see if you or anyone else feels similar or has any input!!! :)

-Mazzilyn (Budtender/Cannasseur)

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