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Enterprise IT pro looking to move into cannabis

Introduce Yourself

Hello! I'm a professional problems solver that's looking to transition my 15 years of Enterprise IT experience into the cannabis industry. I come from a primarily Windows background supporting both physical and virtual production infrastructures as well as Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, Azure, Networking, cybersecurity and end user support. I've worked with dispensaries in the Fort Collins area as their managed IT consultant and looking to work in the industry full time.

I also have experience in sales, recruiting, team and project management as well as fixing things I've never seen before. I am adept at handling multiple clients\issues, meeting deadlines, communicating appropriate information and leading teams to success. I love cannabis and want to get involved with the industry in any way I can including retail sales, grow, manufacturing and production opportunities!!

I'm hungry to learn anything I can about the industry and looking to make connections here to make that happen!!


Hi James!

I’m a software engineer here at Vangst. Now’s a fantastic time to be networking and looking for a new adventure in the industry and Vangst is a great place to start!

If you haven’t had a chance, definitely take a minute to peruse the Community boards Retail, and Getting Started in Cannabis. Posts like Networking Tips & Tricks and Getting Started in the Community are great places to connect with other Vangst members in similar positions and kick off some conversations about your goals and questions.

You can also find posts that list popular retail locations like Favorite Retail Locations (among SO many others in the same vein) - checking out the local favorites and then following those companies on Vangst through our Search Jobs page will keep you up to date on any available positions opening up and give you insight into the vibe and goals of the company.

Good luck in your cannabis journey! Excited to have you on the platform.

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