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Favorite 420-friendly accommodations?

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Where are your favorite 420-friendly hotels/resorts? I know of 3 in California:

Hicksville Pines Bud & Breakfast - Idyllwild, CA

  • All common areas are 420 friendly and property is 21+. The resort works with a legal delivery service to provide cannabis to guests. They also have a 420-themed room.

Hicksville Trailer Palace - Joshua Tree, CA

  • Hicksville Trailer Palace is a private, 21+ years of age and 420 friendly property with heated salt water pool, hot tub, arcade games and pinball, swing set dining table, shuffleboard, ping pong table, 420 vape room, archery range, bb gun range, giant ball pit, corn hole, mini golf, jukebox and themed trailers for accommodations.

Hotel Kabuki - San Francisco, CA

  • Directs guests to local dispensaries and smoking lounges, and provides room amenities like munchies, eye drops, next-day shades and late check-out. Pre-COVID they offered a 4:19 cannabis happy hour in the zen garden (not sure if they still do this).

Ohh...I love the idea of a 420 friendly vacation. Bud and Breakfast is a search engine I've used before. I'll need to book something in Joshua Tree, that place looks nice.

This has been a dream of mine forever. In my humble stoner opinion i do not see any better way to get away. You can meet and network with others that enjoy the plant as much as you while emmersing yourself in a place that not only accepts your passion but embraces and celebrates it. I would absolutely love to be able to open something like this here in south FL. Anyone interested let me know

I look forward to the day when strains will be paired accordingly with spa treatments, excursions, cooking classes, bedside amenities, etc.

SOL Spirit Retreats in Willow Creak, CA is a totally immersive cannabis getaway. Haven't been yet but looks pretty rad

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