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Getting Started in Cannabis

Follow your heart and don't be afraid to show it

Getting Started in Cannabis

I recently joined Vangst.

I saw lots of people seeking employment in the cannabis industry. At first I was a bit overwhelmed, I thought what is my chance?

I began to read posts in the community,er offering my opinion/perspective in reply to their posts.

I posted my own posts sharing my passion openly told my story, so to speak.

With my passion shared openly I began to meet new people. A recruiter came on and we had a conversation where I continued to share my open passion to grow.

Taylor helped me through all the steps in the process to get all of my cards I needed to get so I could work at Copperstate farm.

Upon orientation at Copperstate farms I was placed in the QA Department as a bio spotter. I am as a guardian for the plants, their first line to defense through their flowering cycle to harvest.

What a perfect dream come true for me. I get to spend each day caring for the plants being intimate with them so that

I know all their specific needs are being met and remain healthy until harvested.

By sharing my honest open passion for growing the recruiter was able to find perfect position, once at Copperstate farmand continuing to share my passion has placed me in the perfect position I want.

My probationary period is 4 weeks, The training period for a Bio spotter is 6 weeks.

Yesterday I have been working for one week and two days when I asked if I could get a magnifier. the manager told me those are reserved for people who make it onto the team, then she asked her assistant if they have any more magnifiers.

As she handed me my new magnifier she said you're going to make it on the team I know already.

So truly I say it's from sharing openly my passion which for me is growing marijuana.

I hope this offers you some kind of information that may be of benefit to you, perhaps and encouragement that your dreams truly can come true.

All you have to do is let people know your dreams and watch how they come to life!

Believe in you!

Peace, 🌱N8 👍🤠


What a great story and so glad you are making your way in the industry :). Sending you good vibes as you continue on in your career and wishing you the very best!

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