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Freedom from Opioids! FINALLY!

Introduce Yourself

I am far from a new marijuana consumer, but I had all but given it up due to a bad stunt somebody pulled that damn near killed me. I "acquired" a bag from a relative!! A highly trusted and beloved niece...I thought it was all good. Nah, hell to the major NO! I was laid up for day on my folks couch for days because some jackass laced it with heroin. I stopped smoking after that. Fast forward to 2020, I spent decades addicted to opioids due to chronic pain, it was nothing to chew 10 or 15 high powered pain pills in an hour. I literally kept them in a pez dispenser so people would't know what I was really doing. And yes, I learned to chew them for faster release in hopes of getting relief. Sadly enough I never found much relief due to an apparently high tolerance level. March of 2020 I applied for and received my MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD and it was my hopes (though I highly doubted it) that I could get help with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, and more. With my training through Cannabis Training University and a lot of questions to the local dispensaries I quickly came up with what works best for me. I love my Sativa Strains! I am not a snob, I love all marijuana, flowe, llotions, oils/lotions, edibles, and I love the disposable pens. I am truly hoping to move into a career in the Medical Marijuana Industry and I advocate for full legalization every chance I can. I am about to do my career search as I prepare to graduate with an Associates Degree in Health and Human Services Applied Science, they have never had to help with a job search for somebody seeking employment in our field. Well, they are about to learn a few things about an amazing new medical arena that has amazing opportunities for the right individuals. It's been a long journey to this point, I am, if nothing else, resilient. Just like my favorite flower, Cannabis Sativa...let the good times roll. Stay groovy my friends😎

Much Love❤


that is awesome i have been smoking cannabis almost all my life. And l know that everything they ever told us in school about marijuana was lies , like it makes you steril,i have 4 kids. It makes you lazy. Lazy is just lazy.most people are lazy to begin with. And the one i hate the most is that it is a gateway drug. I call B.S. on that. No instead they used opiates for pain, wich it doesnt relieve it no it just gets you all Fu so you dont care or think about the pain until you start to come down and get sick without it. They new opium was evil and super addictive what better way to make billions of dollars for their greedy selves. And now they act like they never new and didnt get half the population addicted and strung out. And marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. And they know it works but they dont want to loose out on all the money they make off giving people poisons and garbage calling it medicine. People need to forget every bad thing they have ever told them about marijuana and try it. If the whole world smoked pot there would be alot less anger and violence and maybe phase out the opiates and all the other poisons they take because it was prescribed to them by someone they trust that they are looking out for their best interests and well being

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