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Getting Started in Cannabis

Getting a foot in the door

Getting Started in Cannabis

Where does one begin?

How can one get one's foot in the door in such an immense and growing industry such as cannabis offers today?

I guess these are personal questions and so I'll only offer my personal perspective.(with hope that it's inspiring to whoever reads and is curious on how to get their foot in the door in this growing industry. It's not the right answer simply the way I look at it and how I approached getting my foot in the door. 🤠)

Look in your heart, what is the passion that moves you?

If cannabis is the field that motivates you then follow along that line of your passion, share your passion openly.

Being interactive with the community can offer more insight that can aid the growth of your passion.

Reach out to offer insights or encouragement in regards to that passion, for it is a great way to begin Networking.

Following ones passion can lead to making money.

Chasing money seldom leads to one's passion.(unless that passion is only making and having money...)

It's not about selling me, it really is about sharing my passions openly! Doing so can inspire so many, beginning with the self.

So just be you, I guess is my offer here.... Share your joy your true passion and see what happens. I honestly believe you will be truly satisfied.

Thanks for reading my post.

Peace, N8 🤠👍


im heavily seeking anoppurtunity in the industry. I have some experience

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