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Happy to connect - flowerz introduction

Introduce Yourself

Hello all!

My name is Chad and I am the founder of Flowerz. I joined Vangst about 3 months ago and I'm excited to meet like-minded people in the cannabis industry. I started in cannabis back in 2015 in Washington, DC/Medellin, Colombia. I've worked as a consultant for larger MSO's and over the last three years, I've assisted in establishing four hemp-derived cannabinoid extraction facilities and consulted for countless cannabis CPG companies looking to grow their biz.

I'm always open to being an asset in anyone's repertoire and opening doors to my network if you need assistance. One thing I've found in this industry is that building alongside legacy veterans and translating your skills and talents alongside a tribe that you align with on principles and values will help you position yourself in a genuine, helpful way.

I'm based in Nashville, TN, and Washington, DC and if anyone wants to reach out, please feel free to shoot me a PM!


Hi Chad! Thanks for introducing yourself. I hope you find all you need, here at Vangst :) I just joined myself, looking to connect with likeminded people. Ideally, it would be awesome to find someone cool who needs an Executive Assistant, as that's what I do in the non-weed world :p In case your network has been buggin' you for this type of fill, I figure I'd throw it out there.

That said, much love from California! GL out there

I am an MBA holder looking to network and am on both sides of the fence when it comes to Vangst and there great employment platform. Please feel free to connect with me via the platforms in my profile. Nice to meet you Chad!

Hi Chad! Welcome to Vangst. Just sent you a connection request. Let's stay in touch!

Hi Chad,

I would love to connect with you sometime to have a chat. I am currently looking for a different role outside of my company and the cannabis industry has really peaked my interest the last few years based on the interactions I've had in the healthcare field. I would love to chat to see how you got into it and where my skillset would thrive in the cannabis industry. Feel free to reach out here or at [email protected]

Hello, Chad! You seem very knowledgeable and experienced. I, personally, am very new and trying to break into the industry. If you don't mind, I'd like to connect with you. I'll send a request shortly. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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