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Getting Started in Cannabis

Hello I am a life long advocate looking to get into the industry.

Getting Started in Cannabis

How would you advise starting on this journey?


Hey Gregory, I would say two big steps when trying to get started in the industry are figuring out what you want might want to do and know your state laws in order to be able to work.

For the latter, Vangst has a really easy state-by-state snapshot of what each state requires and makes for a great starting point to figure out what processes you'll have to go through.

Figuring out what you might want to do will take some personal research and some introspection as well. It's important to ask questions like "Why do I want to work in cannabis?" This will hopefully help guide you to what you might find interesting.

And in the meantime, it doesn't hurt to start with temporary gigs. You can try a wide variety of entry-level jobs without having to have a ton of experience. This way you can build up your resume and have a foot in the door when you start getting an idea of what you want to pursue.

Hey Gregory, Flowhub just published a blog post that you might find useful. This is all about what it takes to start working in cannabis!

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