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Hello! I'm a Key Accounts Director here at Vangst

Introduce Yourself

My name is Jeremy Fish and I am a Key Accounts Director at Vangst. While I have only been in the cannabis industry for a short time, I have been in recruiting and sales for over 25 years. I am not involved in our day to day recruiting, but I would be happy to share advice or just make a new connection. I'm here to help, so please feel free to connect with me!


Hi Jeremy,

I'm a supervisor at freight company but i have a passion for the cannabis industry and i highly appriciate all benefits of the herb. In your opinion, is it worth professionally changing the industry considering that this industry is not accepted on federal level yet?




Great question! Yes, in my opinion I do think it is worth it to make the change if you are passionate about cannabis. While the industry does face still face some challenges, I do believe it's heading in the right direction. I would encourage you to speak with others in this community and solicit as much feedback as possible. I wish you the best in your journey!

Thank you

As the amount of adjacent market states increases. What companies appear the best poised for utilizing Regional Market Directors?

I see a huge potential unified marketing territory in the Mississippi River corridor. Im sure the I-10 and Route 66 corridors arent far behind, as logical marketing territories. Who is set to take the best advantage of this?

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