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Hello! I'm the Community Manager at Vangst , Let's Connect

Introduce Yourself

Hello Vangst Members!

My name is Analyse and I am the Community Manager at Vangst. I joined Vangst 1 year ago and have learned so much. I started in cannabis back in 2015 in California. I've done various things in the industry, been an intern, delivery dispatch, built websites, managed social media and operations manager. The industry has changed a ton in the last 6 years and the next 6 years will be even bigger. If you are in a state that has just legalized or will legalize soon connect with me. I am not a recruiter but I can share advice and help you navigate the cannabis space. Connect with me and send a message!


Hi Ms Meza,

I am replying to your post because I am really frustrated. Name Is Raegan. I am an Army veteran, smoke eveyday , currently unemployed and know now is the time for me to work in the cannabis industry. As a veteran, I find it difficult to deal with people unless I have had my medicine. I am just tired of working at all these places I have no interes in what so ever . Can you please help me . I would be willing to do and go anywhere my money can . Please respond . You can even text measage me first if you like .


cell 281-690-9201

Hello Raegan! I have sent you an email to set up a call. I would be able to take a look at your resume, skill set, and location to advise on some next steps. Cannabis is federally illegal and since the military is a part of the federal government there is a risk that you would lose access to military benefits if working in cannabis. I am not an attorney or expert in military benefits but we can discuss this further in our meeting you are still getting military benefits. We can discuss this more in our meeting. Looking forward to it.

Hello Analyse! I'm Ivi. I'm in WA where cannabis has been legal for a while, though I'm new to the industry myself. I'd love a chance to make your acquaintance and talk about the growth happening in cannabis industries! Any tips or recommendations you could share would be appreciated as well.

Warm regards,


Hi Analyse! 👋🏼

My name is Erika and I am new to this community! Currently living in Oklahoma City- we are medically legal at the moment! So excited to be here and I recently applied for a customer service position at Vangst! Looking forward to networking, meeting new people, and growing within this awesome community! 💯

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