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I joined this community as I am looking for marketing opportunities in this industry. I have significant marketing and leadership experience and worked in the food and beverage space for the past 5 years. I am passionately curious about the world of cannabis and feel as though there is a great opportunity for strategic marketing and creative application. If anyone has any leads or connections I would certainly appreciate you passing them along to me.

Nice to meet you all, excited to be in this space with you and look forward to what is ahead!



Hey Liz! Thanks for introducing yourself and welcome to this community! There is definitely a need for strategic and creative marketing in the cannabis space you are right on that! We do see that candidates who come from the food/beverage generally are able to transfer their skills very well into the cannabis space. Would be happy to connect with you for future marketing roles that may come across my desk or others my colleagues may be working with. I will shoot you an email! Chat soon!

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