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Introduce Yourself

Hello Vangst Family

Introduce Yourself

Hello Vangst Fam!

My name is Malcolm and I am currently an intern at Vangst. I'm new to the cannabis industry, but have had an interested for quite some time. I was raised in Massachusetts and am currently attending my final year at University of Denver. It has been fascinating to watch the legalization process in Massachusetts, watching the market emerge, and be able to contrast it to a saturated market like Colorado.

I am passionate about working in cannabis because I believe it has the capability to help people. Whether it is cancer, PTSD, or insomnia, I have both witnessed and experienced the benefits that cannabis can offer.

I have aspirations of owning my own cannabis company one day, but in the mean time am here to learn as much as I can! Please do not hesitate to connect with me here and reach out if you have any questions or knowledge you would like to share!


Happy to have you on the team Malcom!

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