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Hi! Let me be your Ally in Cannabis : )

Introduce Yourself

What's up all you beautiful people : ) My name is Shannon and I am a Cannabis Career Consultant here at Vangst.

Just throwing this out there because you don't know what you don't know so...

If you are currently in the Cannabis Industry and looking to make a change...let's talk!

If you are even thinking you might want to make a change into Cannabis from an unrelated industry...let's talk!

If you know someone that might be one of the above...tell them to check out my LinkedIn profile...I am ready to talk!

Lots of opportunities out there and having a little chat with someone "in the know" never hurt anyone so let's go! Who knows what amazing things may come from it?


Hi Shannon,

Adrianne here, a horticulturist/voice over talent itching to get my foot in the door of the industry. In 2019 I retired from radio after 25 years and moved to Belize :), 6 months later Covid happened :(. For a WHOLE bunch of reasons it was best to come back to the U.S and I found myself in a flux of what the heck do I do now. One of the first projects I jumped on was lead at a new hemp farm, my time there reignited my passion for growing. With my vast experiance of marketing, managing and event planning from radio, my certification in Horticulture with over 15 years growing, 8 years cannabis growing plus eatable know how and tincture training plus public speaking and lecture ability I consider myself a multi- skilled talent that has a lot to offer the industry. My desire is to land a lead or assistant position with cultivation, harvesting, product creation or marketing, what would really be awesome is to land a position that would allow me to use all of my talents. Is this possible, how can I convince someone to give me a chance to prove myself.

Anything is possible in Cannabis lol and what an ah-mazing background! I would love to get to know more about you and your goals and how I can potentially be of some help.

Here is a link to my calendar. Feel free to pop-in on a day/time that works best for you and lets make this happen : )



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