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Hi there a couple of questions

Introduce Yourself

Hi there, few questions that i have been wondering is it possible to be able to get a work visa for Canada/USA and work in the legal cannabis industry, ive no experience in the legal side of the industry due to it been still illegal in Ireland, and my main reason for asking about work visas is that id love to emigrate for a few years and gain the experience needed that when cannabis becomes legal in Ireland, i would be ready to go and a) either be able to set my self up in business or be able to go into consultancy work, or is this a pipe dream that will go up in smoke


Hi Thomas! I am the oboarding cooridnator here at Vangst :) In order to work with Vangst, we do need you to have either a valid US passport or a US state ID/drivers license and social security card/birth certificate. I am not too sure what that entire process would look like but I think getting a work visa sounds like a solid start! It is also important to consider which state you are wanting to work in; for ex, Colorado requires MED badges in order to do "plant-touching" jobs!

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