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Hi! Vangst is only in USA?

Questions that Need Answers

Hi everybody! I'm Felipe, I'm living in Spain and I wanted to know if Vangst is only in USA for now. I just completed my profile but can't save the changes because the system recognizes that I'm not in USA :(

I would love to be part of the community!


Coree-Schmitz: Hi Felipe - such a great question. Right now, Vangst operates mostly within the United States as cannabis regulations can vary so widely internationally. I am happy to talk to the team here and see what the timeline can look like for opening up profiles to international cannabis community interest. I will report back and thank you so much for your interest as we would LOVE to have you as part of the community as well.

Hi Coree! Thank you very much for the answer :) Great! I will be waiting for the international opening 💪. Best of luck and I hope to hear from Vangst team soon!!

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