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High Holiday Traditions… who’s got ‘em?

Cannabis Culture

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and to those who recently celebrated, a happy Hanukkah too. We have a few more holidays coming up as the year ends, and I bet most of you will be celebrating them with cannabis.

Growing up and living in states where cannabis was not tolerated, I never had that early experience especially in a holiday setting. I am still a few months away from moving to Colorado, but I am already starting to sow the seeds of my own high holiday traditions. Last year, my girlfriend and I made a cannabis pumpkin pie which was equal parts delicious and intoxicating.

I would love to hear about the different holiday traditions that you have this time of year. What holiday cannabis dishes do you cook? What about decorations? Perhaps a cannabis cornucopia at Thanksgiving? Maybe a cannabis “mistletoe” to hang around the home in December?


That's a lot more ambitious than my new "tradition"! Impressive!

Very few people in my family drink alcohol so we now drink canna beverages (in champagne flutes because we are class LOL). Gemma + Jane, Green Monke, and CANN are favorites!

Hey Vanessa,

Since you and your family are down to drink some cannabis beverages, you might want to try this new book I bought for my girlfriend as a Christmas gift. It is called Cannabis Drinks: Secrets to Crafting CBD and THC Beverages at Home by Jamie Evans.

I never worked as a bar tender, but I once was a barista. I took a look at it before I wrapped it, and there are many different kinds of drink options (with and without alcohol) that I am super interested in mixing up. Maybe if you are so inclined, you can check it out. Link for the book on Amazon below.

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