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How do you start your week off ?

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Happy Monday!

For me, Mondays can be a great start to the week or a slow drag into the week. I guess it depends how much fun the weekend was lol

Today, I just started my day by making coffee and getting on my computer for WFH.

I was wondering what do you folks do to start your Monday off right?


Hey Connie! I would say I am the same way :) I always love to listen to podcasts throughout the day too

I start with coffee and house cleaning in the mornings. It makes me feel better to start the day out in an organized space!

i start with waking up & prepare for a 3mile bike ride, coffee, a sun rise, and an activate body mind routine. stretches mediations & some yoga, get the blood flowing, sets of crunches and push-ups. i like days when i'm on a tidy up mode cleaning a bit hour after I'm up. (means that i might get a nap) so mornings i either hustle like a ninja so not to make to much noise. drink water brush tongue & teeth. find my self pulling clothes laid out the night before, the selected attire for what the day is actually more about. then i ask the question. do i have enough to take a hour in the early AM for yoga practice. or do i have a shift at a restaurant. then i do something productive with some time, chores. run an earn, some art work, write something, read something, put on an old movie, play some music, or the computer do the email bill pay thing., hopefully, not fuck my day up by consuming outside information to early. so it try to stick to skim for the weather forecast. bicycle out

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