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How do you view Dispensary interior design in your shopping choices?

Branding and Marketing

Since I am SUCH a sucker for all things cute packaging, branding, atmosphere, etc - having a cool ambience or just a cool brand in general makes the shopping experience a pinch more fun than it already it ;) I love the minimalist logos for example, Lova Canna Co has a way cuter logo than LivWell in my opinion lol


I like this question because I notice this myself. Thoughtful design is really important in retail! There are two stores near me: one is small, low ceiling, dark basement vibes with all the product covering the walls, no prices displayed. The other is bright and colorful with an interactive floor plan, variety of displays and screens showng the menu. The latter is my favorite because it's easier to shop and feels more welcoming!

A little late but really appreciate this question and conversation. I've been designing interior decor accessories (wallpaper, cushions, fabrics, etc) leaning into the cannabis industry and this all helps me understand more what people want.

And I think I'm in agreement with everybody here so far.

I lean more toward bright, welcoming and highly designed dispensaries.

IMHO they should be uplifting and inspiring and less cold and sterile.

More art than science. But this is all coming from and artist/designer so I am biased.

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