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How I make cannabis oil and butter easily.


I've offered this to a few people so far in their threads or posts but I think maybe I should just share it open me for any to read.

So here's a really inexpensive and easy way to make your own butter or oil.

Amazon has bialetti espresso makers for

about $30.00.

You could buy your own flowers and make

butter, coconut or olive oil with it.

It's super easy and pretty fast producing a

very pure product.

With the bialetti espresso maker unscrew

the top portion and remove the filter


You can put butter, coconut or olive oil in

the bottom container portion, don't go

higher than the pressure release valve.

Next insert the filter and fill it with ground

up flower.

Then screw the top back on and put it on

your stove top at medium heat.

Once the butter or oil reach a boiling point

it will be passed through the filter which is

very fine for espresso grounds so none of

the flower will transfer into the upper

portion of the espresso maker.

When it is finished you can simply pour

into a container to let it cool to room

temperature before storing in the


Olive oil is great to make pizza with, or for salad dressing and either olive oil,

coconut oil or butter are great for


Butter is great on pancakes, toast, making tortillas with or in many ingredients that require butter.

Coconut oil is great for topical salve, like lip balm, hand and face cream.

You can easily find a Bialetti espresso maker on Amazon.

I hope that's helpful and gives you an ability to make your own quality edibles.

Peace, N8



For what it's worth, I also like the Levo machines :)

Coree-Schmitz: For what it's worth, I also like the Levo machines :)

Those are fantastic machines, the delux version compared to my cheap method.

Thanks for sharing 😃

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