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Long story short, Pandemic doused a good job that would have helped me get to retirement. I thought that because the Cannabis Industry is young and growing I could find at least 5 years of work to get me there. I live in Rhode Island which has legal compassionate use and the state senate has approved recreational use and the house is due to pass that this fall. So locally I would think they'd be ramping up but I've only been able to get one interview and that was out of state (hour and a half commute) but no job offer. Is Ageism a thing here? I am physically fit, a hard worker, perpetually prompt and willing to do what it takes. Any and every comment appreciated ....... Jeff


Hey Jeffrey, I can assure you ageism in the cannabis industry is far and few. That being said, I'm sure there are some bad apples, like any other profession. I personally just hired a number of people who were 60+. Your generation is tremdously reliable! I have even seen a lot of folks who had previously retired, come back into the work force, and found jobs they can have fun as well as be passionate about. The problem might perhaps be Rhode Island. It is a new and emerging market. That being said, capitalizing on new emerging markets for someone with described experience such as yourself is still a great idea! If you're having trouble getting in contact with folks, I would definetley suggest checking out some of the New England states websites, and going through the list of facilities and companies who are licensed. Following that I would look them up, reach out, and go on a deep dive of trying to navigate different roles. What type of position are you looking for? What kind of commute would you be willing to make? I know Rhode Island will be booming soon! Stay persistent! It truly is about reaching out as much as possible on the east coast. I would also suggest getting on Linkedin, and looking up some folks who work for companies you are interested in and reaching out to them directly to see if their companies are hiring!

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