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Getting Started in Cannabis

How to get started in Cannabis? Where to relocate to for the best job opportunities?

Getting Started in Cannabis

Hello all, my name is Alixia Forcier and I am looking to get mu foot in the door of the cannabis industry. I am coming froma resturant and healthcare background. I currently live in Moorhead MN but i am looking to relocate to a state that is cannabis friendly and ideally not freezing 90% of the time.

I would love to learn anything about the cannabis industry, i have some minor experience with trimmimg and packaging butwould really love to get into the edible side of the industry.

Any advice or suggestions are definitely welcomed.


Hello Alixia!

Welcome to the Vangst Community. You have various options when looking for a state to relocate to. A place like California or Washington is established and cost of living is higher. States like Arizona or Nevada are also legalized but cost of living is also going up. Montana just open to recreational purchases and Oklahoma is another great option. Maine is off the radar but it does get fairly cold. I'll post a link below so you can explore regulations in different states.

I've connect with you on Vangst.

HI Alixia! I have been in Arizona for 20 years, and am very seriously contemplating a move to New Mexico. Not as hot, and the industry is way more inclusive of entrepreneurs than my current state.

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