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Getting Started in Cannabis

I have been a Sr. Executive in my career.

Getting Started in Cannabis

I have been a Sr. Executive in Sales and Sales Management in my previous career, pre-COVID, I have seen the huge possibilities with Cannabis. Where should I start and who should I speak with?


Hi Brad, I'm glad you've seen the huge amount of possibilities that exist within the cannabis industry. If you are looking to break in, I have several things that I would recommend. First, I would suggest that you check out one of our AMAs with one of our recruiters. You can find the link to the event here You can also always try reaching out over Linkedin!

The second thing that I would recommend would be to look into working with an ancillary service such as packaging or software. The cannabis industry needs a lot of support, and a perk of working with an ancillary service is they are less demanding for previous cannabis industry experience and are a great way to learn about the different parts of how the industry works.

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