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I have Delta-8 THC questions ?????????

Questions that Need Answers

Who will dare to answer?! :)

OK, I heard that Delta-8 can be created by exposing CBD to intense UV light, which is why it's (currently) legal in all 50 U.S. States. I also know it gets you high like THC.

First question: Is it still CBD, or doe it truly & chemically transform into THC? And if so, is it the same as "traditional" THC?

Which leads to...

We all know we build up a tolerance to THC, and we need more and more in order to achieve the desired level of high. However, CBD is the opposite, and (essentially) the more you take, the less you need.

Therefore, in terms of tolerance, does Delta-8 behave like traditional THC, where you need more and more, Or, because it starts life as CBD, does it continue to behave like CBD, and you don't build a tolerance?

And that leads to...

Even if Delta-8 still causes the user to build up a tolerance, is it still different from traditional THC? Specifically, can a user take a T-Break from traditional THC with Delta-8?

If so, that would be SOOOOOOOO AWESOME! I don't have my hopes up that my theory is correct, but it would be nice to still get the same health benefits from Delta-8 without the same build-up of tolerance. You could switch between the two every month, and get a T-Break from one to the other!

Wishful thinking? :(


Hey Jon, that's a lot to unpackage so forgive me if I fail to to answer everything. For starters a big myth is that Delta 8 is legal in every state. That is not true at all. Local governments, towns, and cities can change their laws when ever they want. Most states have already passed legislation making it effectively illegal to sell Delta-8 products in retail stores. Also since it is highly un-regulated, a lot of products that one would typically find in a store might not be the safest to consume. Unless it has come from a verified distributor. Delta-8 is an entirely different cannabinoid then delta-9 THC, which is what a user is typically getting their effects from. It is derived from CBD rich cultivars, typically, but not something that a plant itself could be rich in. Its processed through strains that have higher CBD ratios because its easier to extract Delta-8 from said cultivars because they lack larger amounts of THC as a whole. Meaning the other THC related cannabinoids aren't as abundant and easier to isolate. Cannabis is made up of hundreds of different terpenes and a number of different cannabinoids outside of CBD and THC. There is THCV, CBN, CBG, etc. All in all it(Delta-8) is a weaker cousin of Delta-9 THC. It will still give a user side effects, just not as strong as Delta-9. However they are both THC compounds, that being said, if you have a high tolerance in the first place, the likelyhood of Delta-8 giving you a strong effect isn't likely. I hope that helps.

Thanks, Francis! That was very educational!

Hey, Jon.

So, where I'm at in NC, the state farm bill has given a legal loophole to all cannabis products and derivatives with a dry weight of > .3% delta 9 THC. So, we have a lot of cannabinoids sprouting up in a ton of head shops here; D-8, D-10, HHC, TCHO, THCV, and I've read about a THCP that I'm anticipating to come out this way soon. Just be careful with them. For one, from what I can tell many of these derivatives are created by soaking one cannabinoid in acid to get another (this is a highly simplified explanation by the way). But I have also read that some lab tests are finding unknown cannabinoids in some of these products as well. The point is, be careful of what you are buying and where you are getting it from. They all have different effects and you should know what you are putting inside of your body. Stay safe!

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