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Outdoor cannabis is said to have a richer flavor profile due to the environment imparting some of its natural flavor on to the plant. If you place your cannabis plant in a pot, how will that affect its maturation and yield if you are mobilizing your plant to get natural sunlight in the day, additional light indoors (blue light, red light, far red light- if needed), and protection and darkness at night from bugs and weather?


Moving plants does create stress to the plant, somewhat. Yet natural sunligt does provide great lumins, the rains are like liquid love too❣️

Growing in a pot its good to use a large container, so the roots can grow equal to the plant above ground. Using smaller post can bind the roots, creating a bonsai plant.

Outdoor plants can get dust blown into the buds and change the flavor, so a greenhouse is a safe route.

These I offer as some points to consider.

Peace, N8

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