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Questions that Need Answers

Inflection of weight, time and space.

Questions that Need Answers

The trichomes latch onto the natural cannabinoid receptors as if its a necessary molecular food source. The early effects of this interaction cause matter of the self and of things to feel measurably bouncier and vibrant, in multiple senses of the word. For instance, recent studies are continuing to pop up with regular consensus that cardiovascular exercises such as running induce a sense of weightlessness and buoyancy that make the effort of pounding the pavement physiologically less harsh; notwithstanding the pleasurable psychological effects of perceivably floating in air, while most of this time spent exerting energy is supposed to feel brutal and not particularly fun.

Which brings us to the concept of said time-well-spent, in which this plant by the ongoing studies continues to baffle the imagination-- in virtuous manner. There are multiple usages and ideas of this word (time) but anyone who has even sampled tiny amounts of THC can internalize that a modulated viewpoint of cognition has just overcome the previous time-based reality prior to consumption. Is this a good or a bad experience ? I think the answer is wholly relevant to the individuals purpose of living; e.p. if they are still figuring out the best path for a career, recreational usage may be a hindrance until they find an employer that can match up well with each other's [time]. Another scenario is for the ever-growing academic research of mindful consumption and how time is actually slotted away for unknown periods until results can be obtained.

Weight and time are inextricably linked to the space in and around us. If the trichome-suction mechanism weaves the first two factors of 'distortion', then space has to play an immeasurable role in often quoted phrases from freshly baked users such as 'head up in the clouds or on the Moon'. This is a trifecta that may very well have other components involved and I'm sure the growing confidence in this business will forge deeper insight. Now whose time is running out with the length of this post to continue to intersect the dots and lines for greater awareness of usage ? This was fun.



The brain uses an endogenous cannabinoid to turn down the gain on some sorts of signals and up on others. Exogenous cannabinoids, like the THC in marijuana, interact with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system.

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