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Introduce Yourself

Introduce Yourself

Introduce Yourself

What's up Vangst Community?

I'm Hannah Holmgren, Product Owner @ Vangst. I currently live in Denver, CO and I've worked in cannabis for almost 3 years.

Current hobbies include:

  • Reading (like 1-2 books per week)
  • Shopping (retail therapy ftw!)
  • Animal Crossing

Connect with me if you ever have questions about using Vangst or thoughts on how we can improve. 🌟


👋 Yes, yes, y'all. Can't wait to connect.

I'm Bree Thomas, Chief Product Officer @ Vangst 🧡. I live, breath, eat, sleep all things product software related. I'm stoked to work in this industry. The cannabis community is something special.

Random personal factoids...

  • Unapologetic Mother of one.
  • Happiest when 100 feet under the ocean.
  • I don't have tattoos. I am tattooed. There's a difference.
  • I swear. A lot.
  • Texan. True story.
  • Most days... I'm just winging it.

Connect with me to share strong opinions about what Vangst is doing well, not doing well, and what you'd like to see more of on Feedback is the single biggest driver of change for our team, so don't be afraid to hit us with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

+ 1 what @Breethomas said - I can't wait to connect!

I'm Karson Humiston, the founder & ceo of Vangst (this site)! I've loved watching the cannabis industry grow from scratch over the last five years, and it's so exciting to think about the hundreds of thousands of new people who will enter the space over the next five years. I hope our community helps you build and grow your career in cannabis.

Random personal facts:

  • I enjoy trail running, hiking, swimming (I'm swimming from Alcatraz to SF this summer), tennis and golf
  • I've been trying to learn how to kiteboard for two years and am optimistic this is my year!
  • I love tacos and margs

Please feel free to connect with me. Thanks for being here and our team is excited to be part of your cannabis career journey!

After 8 years in the industry it is so refreshing to finally see a real live community for all cannabis professionals to connect! Can't wait to get to know more people!

I'm Mali Walsh. Sales Manager at Vangst. Have loved working here and for the industry and am always looking to make new friends and meet more people. Let's connect!

This is fantastic!

I'm Coree Schmitz - also a member of the Vangst team and an avid Ripple Dissolvables afficionada. I am always looking to meet more cannabis industry friends and, as a fun fact, my celebrity doppelgänger is Cookie Monster. Spitting image, similar eating habits. Let's chat!

High! My name is Dani Baranowski. I am a cannabis advocate, cannabis sales leader, and multipotentialite ! I am passionate about cannabis and reform: in 2009 I was charged with a cannabis felony and had the privilege of having my record expunged. I want to ensure others have the same opportunity as I did. Last year I cofounded a cannabis nonprofit, Chamber of Cannabis, in Nevada, we're a 501(c)(6). We have done WORK in our short stint and have championed two bills that will CHANGE our entire industry (in my humble opinion), 1) Social Consumption Lounges - in Vegas! Imagine! This will change canna-tourism and revitalize Vegas in our post-pandemic world, AND this bill is the first to define SOCIAL EQUITY, a huge misstep in our previous licensing rounds. 2) Cannabis DUI reform, removing the 'per se' portion of the law which references using blood tests and nanogram thresholds to determine inebriation. This is unscientific and hurts patients, consumers and tourists. I love to connect with likeminded folks who want to shape our industry with more justice, more commerce opportunities, and build a community! You can find me on LinkedIn or Instagram @chamberofcannabis or my personal @thegypsysorceress

Hi there! My name is Renee Cotsis and I'm a Partner & Account Supervisor at MATTIO Communications. I've been working in the cannabis industry for a little over 2 years and I'm currently based in Astoria (Queens), New York! Hobbies include:

-hanging out with my dog, Coconut


-park hangs


Super excited to get to know more people in the Vangst & cannabis communities. Also, super stoked for NY legalization! Happy to be here & chat :)

Hi everyone! My name is Alexis and I am an Account Supervisor at MATTIO Communications, a PR firm focused on the cannabis industry. I've been working in the industry since Nov. 2020 and I'm excited to network with others in the field. I'm currently based in Brooklyn, NY and I enjoy dancing, trying new bars & restaurants and traveling!

Hello Vangst Community!

It is my job on a daily basis to spread the word about Vangst platform to each and every cannabis business in the space. It is a passion of mine to build relationships with my clients in order for them to get the best use of our platform for all of their hiring needs. Vangst platform goes beyond just hiring. Our platform offers cannabis professionals the ability to find quality talent to make their businesses run more efficiently as well as a place for them to be a part of a vast community where everyone can come together to contribute their knowledge to this thriving industry. In my role as an Account Executive at Vangst I will continue to work tirelessly to bring as many businesses onboard in order to provide them with a place to improve as professionals. I am beyond excited to be a part of Vangst because we offer something not seen elsewhere in the cannabis space.

So many amazing people to connect with! Sending lots of requests today. Looking forward to chatting further!

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