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Introduce Yourself

Introduce Yourself

+ 1 what @Breethomas said - I can't wait to connect!

I'm Karson Humiston, the founder & ceo of Vangst (this site)! I've loved watching the cannabis industry grow from scratch over the last five years, and it's so exciting to think about the hundreds of thousands of new people who will enter the space over the next five years. I hope our community helps you build and grow your career in cannabis.

Random personal facts:

  • I enjoy trail running, hiking, swimming (I'm swimming from Alcatraz to SF this summer), tennis and golf
  • I've been trying to learn how to kiteboard for two years and am optimistic this is my year!
  • I love tacos and margs

Please feel free to connect with me. Thanks for being here and our team is excited to be part of your cannabis career journey!


High! My name is Dani Baranowski. I am a cannabis advocate, cannabis sales leader, and multipotentialite ! I am passionate about cannabis and reform: in 2009 I was charged with a cannabis felony and had the privilege of having my record expunged. I want to ensure others have the same opportunity as I did. Last year I cofounded a cannabis nonprofit, Chamber of Cannabis, in Nevada, we're a 501(c)(6). We have done WORK in our short stint and have championed two bills that will CHANGE our entire industry (in my humble opinion), 1) Social Consumption Lounges - in Vegas! Imagine! This will change canna-tourism and revitalize Vegas in our post-pandemic world, AND this bill is the first to define SOCIAL EQUITY, a huge misstep in our previous licensing rounds. 2) Cannabis DUI reform, removing the 'per se' portion of the law which references using blood tests and nanogram thresholds to determine inebriation. This is unscientific and hurts patients, consumers and tourists. I love to connect with likeminded folks who want to shape our industry with more justice, more commerce opportunities, and build a community! You can find me on LinkedIn or Instagram @chamberofcannabis or my personal @thegypsysorceress

Hi there! My name is Renee Cotsis and I'm a Partner & Account Supervisor at MATTIO Communications. I've been working in the cannabis industry for a little over 2 years and I'm currently based in Astoria (Queens), New York! Hobbies include:

-hanging out with my dog, Coconut


-park hangs


Super excited to get to know more people in the Vangst & cannabis communities. Also, super stoked for NY legalization! Happy to be here & chat :)

Hi everyone! My name is Alexis and I am an Account Supervisor at MATTIO Communications, a PR firm focused on the cannabis industry. I've been working in the industry since Nov. 2020 and I'm excited to network with others in the field. I'm currently based in Brooklyn, NY and I enjoy dancing, trying new bars & restaurants and traveling!

Hello Vangst Community!

It is my job on a daily basis to spread the word about Vangst platform to each and every cannabis business in the space. It is a passion of mine to build relationships with my clients in order for them to get the best use of our platform for all of their hiring needs. Vangst platform goes beyond just hiring. Our platform offers cannabis professionals the ability to find quality talent to make their businesses run more efficiently as well as a place for them to be a part of a vast community where everyone can come together to contribute their knowledge to this thriving industry. In my role as an Account Executive at Vangst I will continue to work tirelessly to bring as many businesses onboard in order to provide them with a place to improve as professionals. I am beyond excited to be a part of Vangst because we offer something not seen elsewhere in the cannabis space.

Hi, Im Thomas Langan. I moved to Colorado in 2012 to grow cannabis under Amendment 64 and worked my way up, from growing in small medical cultivation centers to large scale CBD greenhouse farms. Most recently I moved back to Maryland where my team and I have been building a sustainable food model in Washington DC. We are building an urban farm that will allow us to grow and deliver hyper-local greens and take away food scraps for reclaim into compost for our soil. I remain highly active in the cannabis industry, advising on a CBD / Industrial hemp project on the Eastern Shore of Maryland focused on soil remediation of the Chesapeake Bay watershed through regenerative hemp agriculture. I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Medical Cannabis & Therapeutics at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and continuously in pursuit of an East Coast cultivation license where I can focus on sustainable, beyond organic techniques and create genetic IP. Its also my mission to advocate for cannabis policy reform and the release of all non violent cannabis offenders. I am really excited about you all creating this platform as I think it's definitely something the industry lacks. Look forward to meeting more of the community, if I can ever be of assistance please don't hesitate to reach out.

Kelsea-Appelbaum: Looking to build your network? Start here by saying hello and telling us a bit about yourself!

Hello Vangst friends!!!

My name is Cassidy Johnson and I am a Team Lead for our Gigs team managing contract projects and taking care of our clients. I love building relationships and networking with others in the Cannabis industry. I originally started with Vangst recruiting and placing candidates in various contract positions with a focus on our Colorado and California markets. Helping candidates land a job that they always dreamed of is incredibly rewarding. I am living in Denver and would love to meet up and chat with anyone who is interested in joining the industry. Please feel free to send me a connection and we can either zoom or find a coffee shop. :)

Hi Community!

Jenna Myers here, Director of Services at Vangst and Buffalo Bills super-fan!

Me + You = Getting You Into Cannabis

At Vangst, I am able to leverage my strong foundation in recruiting and human capital to successfully collaborate with company leaders and hiring managers to deliver custom hiring solutions within this ever-growing new industry. My goal is always to get the right candidates connected with the right employers so that everyone wins. If you're looking for your career in cannabis, I will take you from resume updates and interview prep to negotiating what will work best for you in your new position. If you're looking for your next rockstar hire, I will find that diamond in the rough you thought only existed in fairy tales.

In my spare time I enjoy:

Cooking + trying new restaurants

Concerts ( anyone an avid boy-band fan like I was in the early 2000s?)

Sports: love NFL Sundays and guarantee I will be heads down in DraftKings or checking my fantasy line up

Traveling ( especially back to Buffalo, NY to spend quality time with family).

Looking forward to meeting you, let's connect!

Kelsea-Appelbaum: Looking to build your network? Start here by saying hello and telling us a bit about yourself!

Hey All! My name is Trey Deck born and raised in Buffalo, NY! Go Bills (shout out Jenna I see you!) I have been in the cannabis space in many different areas climbing my way from the ground up. Currently I operate in the cannabis space here in Colorado as well as am Co owner of Blazy Susan Rolling Paper Brand. Located here in Denver as well I am the head of all brand development for Blazy working with artists, venues, events, businesses , athletes, and more!! Have a huge passion for the plant and an even bigger passion to connect with everyone in the space. If you are looking to get in touch with your favorite talent or brands I am your guy. Through use of high level connections, cannabis education, and forward thinking I am always ready to make the next opportunity shine whatever it may be for. Looking forward to linking with all of you and thanks again!



So many amazing people to connect with! Sending lots of requests today. Looking forward to chatting further!

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