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Introduce Yourself: Antonio Serrano

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Hello there,

I recently completed a boot camp to obtain UX | UI skills so this is very much on top of mind still, gratefully so. In the interim of assignments, some art boards were created for a mobile prototype that might have business legs if the time taken to flesh it out was funded for. I love cutting edge video content and graphic designs that intertwine with other disciplines of Art. The modulating effects that this herb produces can be wholeheartedly needed at times, yet difficult to express to the sober public at large. For starters, the legality issues can fall on cold shoulders and the lack of research has caused perturbations for novice users, but the proverbial world is seemingly open to change.

I wish good things upon growers and retailers of all shapes and sizes; there's loads of ways to align with other businesses and industries for big-picture commerce to feel included. I'll continue to carve my stone as a multi-faceted designer and see how legislation and Co. shape the future for a safe return on investment. About an hour ago posted to the forum was a blog post on Weight, Time & Space you may find interesting. Also check out this new portfolio / website of some very recent work: // It's nice to be here.




Thanks for the introduction, Antonio! I will definitely check your other blog post later today. I also like the clean layout on your website, plus Climbzilla is a pretty cool concept.

Glad you're part of the community and hope you're having a great day!

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