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State Regulations and Requirements

Is anyone familiar with "The Certified Cannibas Compliance Officer" training course?

State Regulations and Requirements

It is a course written and conceived by a guy named Bob Carp out of Boston. It seems like a good course and provides valuable info and expertise. But I am having second thoughts for a variety of reasons... Any feedback would be appreciated.


Hey Andrew! So, its really hard to say if a course is right for you without understanding exactly what you're looking for. There are so many great resources that people can use, from very specific trainings to general cannabis courses.

I know that its hard to figure out what the path is, but take the time to do your research and compare | contrast your options! The things thats I would recommend considering when looking for support specifically for compliance are:

- Has the person who created the guide or is teaching the course actually worked in cannabis? Someone from a legal background will understand how to read the law (obviously), but actually working in a cannabis company will teach someone valuable insight into how to implement/lead compliance strategy.

- Is the course focused on local compliance (state-wide) or national? If national, try to get insight as to how the instructor/creator has come up with their guides. Compliance is definitely something that you can do research on and learn, but learning from someone who has led compliance efforts in cannabis in multiple states will absolutely make a difference.

- What are your intentions with taking the course? Make sure that what you're looking to get out of the course is actually something you will walk away with. Most companies in cannabis don't look at cannabis training courses as a huge selling point when people are applying for jobs. If you're taking a course, focus more on what you want to get out of it vs. taking it with the intention of it helping you land a job.

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