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Is the Hype over Mylar bags the truth in the new generation of Cannabis Branding/Marketing?

Branding and Marketing

If you have been to a dispenary recently you must have noticed a huge shift in packaging for flowers. The new "hype of flashy mylar bags lining the shelves reminds me of the old comic book and card shops i would frequent as a youth. So many coloful bags jumping with edgy names and graphics to draw the eye in. Does this make the flower inside better? Thecostumers seem to think so. We used to pack flowers in jars for retail sale, allowing the flowers to dry cure comfortably awaiting a customer to approach and take apeek inside the jar to view what you would soon be smoking. Not in todays retail world. Cookies cannabis Co. Hasjars lining circular tables with labels of each strain printed on the bottom. This "preview" jar is not for sale but allows the customer or patient to clearly see what they will be smoking because the new mylar can not do this effectively. They sure look great but do not keep flowers as fresh and can squish thenug which is not appealing. It also does not dry cure the same as if it were in the jar nestling comfortably. Lets try and find a packaging solution that veers away from plastics and is recyleable.


Hey Eric, I totally agree. As the industry grows, companies will continue to find ways to stand out. I think a lot of the new packaging focuses on just that and also ways to be sustainable and child safe. Like all new industries, it is going to take time for bands to figure out the best ways to package and sell their products. Would love to hear other's thoughts and favorite packaging for flower.

Yeah I'm not sure how I feel about those tbh. It actually used to keep me from purchasing those brands until I recently gave in and tried Seven Leaves. Buds def can get squished and imo don't store as well in my fridge either. Maybe I'm old school but I prefer the jar. Those ½ oz. 710 Labs jars? A thing of beauty.

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