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Is there a solution to Big Corporations running retail dispensaries in states that are only medically legal?


We find ourselves in a turning point in the public acceptanceof cannabis as a social and recreational hobby and unifyer as well as a widely benfical natural plant medicine. In these changing times new states are passing to legalize medical cannabis first to softly open the market andtrack tax revenue as well as build regulatory infastructure to support the new industry. Some states, like Forida rolled out the medical cannabis industry very slow andunprogressive to say the least. Florida has the most strict requirements for cannabis licensing andthe highest cost wwhile limiting supply. This is a breeding ground for corruption and allows big name brands like truelieve and MUV to buy up all the larger available licenses. Where is the run for social equity applicants and young entrepreneurs? The market has already been saturated, and new news of both Cookies cannabis company and JungleBoyz cannabis are opening up massive headquarters here in south FL that wwill bring more big corporate cannabis to FL edging out the little guys. Lets talk to state reps and demand legislation toallowfor cheaper and more accessible cannabis licensng for both retail and cultivation.


I really enjoyed your statement about Jungle Boyz. I lived in LA for 5 years and worked for various parts of the industry, very small scale in comparison. But I saw the rise of Jungle Boyz and I think it's sad that they are okay taking over and not letting other HOMETOWN people do exactly what they did.

Cookies on the other hand. I went to college in San Jose and I remember learning about Bay Area culture and music. The name 'Burner' was popular. There was a time in 2012-2013 I bought actual cookies with the logo on them. I also remember going to a shop in San Francisco called Cookies in the Mission. Unsure if it's related to the current brand as we know it but I think so.

Anyway, I understand these people have created brands that we all want to be a part of. But we have an opportunity with cannabis to spread wealth and opportunity. I hope everyone can see that.

I do feel the industry shifting towards a 'hype and brand' persona for certain markets and they want to capitalize. But in my opinion that goes against the original cannabis culture as I grew to love it.

I agree that the Florida licensing especially should be more accessible and not only available to the Vertically Integrated companies. This creates a monopoly and huge hurdles for the smaller firms. The Cannabis industry was built on small time cultivators which are now seemingly being pushed out of the market. Fingers crossed for future change!

Walmart and other large corporations have looked in to it. the problem is when cannabis is fed legal, then it can be administered by any local pharmacist. these rules are set in stone by unions and state federal regulators. in states where cannabis is treated like alcohol. There is more room for the little guys to get in and start a company. just like microbrews or vineyards

But as soon as cannabis is federally legal all the big guys you speak of are done. Monsanto and large scale agriculture farmers are going to out produce every indoor and out door grow in American. look at Canada if you really want to see the real big top dogs. they are publicly traded. most of the American producers just hope they are large enough to get bought out when the fed makes cannabis legal.

the market will get weird though. kind of like how some one can make beer/wine and sell it to their friends or at the local market. so a small producer will be allowed to sell on small scale and pay taxes(a real company). but the jump from small scale to nation wide will be a huge jump. think how long it took Sam Adams to sell beer in all 50 states.

Cookies and jungles boys will for sure sell out to larger companies like tumalo, cura, and many others.

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