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Hello! My name is Kate and I am a life-long resident of MN (more than willing to relocate). I a m currently working towards my Bachelor's Degree in Business Admin. I am incredibly interested and passionate about the cannabis industry. Living in MN my options are very limited when it comes to jobs or even connections to the industry itself.

I am here looking for advice on where to begin. In all honesty I would love to own/operate my own dispensary someday, but I have so much to learn first. My biggest drive when it comes to cannabis is helping others. I see the list of benefits as endless and I want to learn more. If it were possible, I would try to work in every part of the industry just to learn as much as possible. I find it incredibly fascinating from the growing/cultivation process to the dispensaries, from product manufacturing to the distributors.

If there are classes, books, online resources, conferences, anything to help me learn as much as possible, I want to know. This industry has so much potential and is every changing. I want to learn and grow with it.

Please reach out with advice, resources, or guidance or if you just want to chat.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Kate,

I am also finishing up my undergraduate degree and would love to help you out! We offer several different services that could be helpful for you, such as AMAs. I sent a connection request and would be happy to message you with more details!

Hey Malcolm! Thank you so much for the response. Any information you can share will be greatly appreciated. I don't really know where to start and I don't have any connections to the industry yet. Once again, thank you!

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