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Hello, my name is Masi. I have been curious about the cannabis Indus since I watch Ruth’s dispensary on Netflix. I would love to be apart of the growth of the industry. Being a bud tender is a passion of mine because I know how important the flower is. I have been going through anxiety since I was 15 I am currently 22, and cannabis is one thing I could count on. Id love to see a difference in the world with using a natural medicine rather than man made pills! Any advice or tips?


Hello! Mase-Noel

I work in media but have lived in various legal states. Location is most important when looking for a job in cannabis. Companies in a recreationally legal states have more jobs in various parts of the indsutry. Most common starting jobs are bud tender, packager, and trimmer. You can also determine if you want to work in a retail enviorment, a lab , a grow or outdoors. Narrowing in on what you want to do exactly will help you determine where to start. I know people who started at entry level postions and within a year moved to management. The link below will help you determine your State Requirements . I've connected with you , feel free to reach out with any questions.

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