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Getting Started in Cannabis

looking to share the gift of Cannabis

Getting Started in Cannabis

Hello all,

My name is Nick Helms. First and foremost, Thank you for taking the

time to read this. I am simply seeking to contribute to the Cannabis

community however I am able.

Following several summers I spent teaching assistive technology in Los

Angeles, Cannabis began to play a progressively central role in my

life, and as a result so did spirituality.  I entered into a very

close relationship with the plant and the spirits of the medicine, as

I also began to appreciate and integrate the vast array of medicinal

benefits and teachings the plant had for me. These manifested on a

spiritual and also practical day to day level. This relationship is

ongoing. Through Cannabis, I have found myself. Cannabis has saved my

mind and my spirit time and time again. Cannabis is the reason I am

where I am now. I truly don't know where I would be without it. My

transformative experience with this medicine has created a drive

within me to bring the healing qualities of the plant to the wider

community. I wish to assist as many people in getting as much out of

the medicine as possible. not just relaxation or inspiration, though

both certainly have their place;  True integration, and thereby

transformation, so that others can truly heal as I have. What I lack

in terms of firsthand experience with cultivation or a history in the

industry, I make up for with my boundless passion and desire for

knowledge. In short, I wish to learn all I can, while simultaneously

connecting and sharing the gift of Cannabis with as many people as I

can. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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