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There are so many media options available now. Potting soil, coco coir, Elle pods, oasis, rock wool, hydro, clay balls, peat moss, sphagnum moss, living soils, growing in your natural soil outdoors. There is even a new product called pit moss that replaces peat moss with recycled paper. Then there's additives like vermiculite, pearlite, bone meal, sand, silt, I mean the list goes on and on.  On the one hand I like a good quality potting soil. Sungro makes one of my favorites, but Promix is pretty ok too. In a pinch I'll use the organics line from miracle grow, but never ever their moisture control potting soil all that nasty synthetic fertilizer and wetting agent, no thank you. I really do enjoy growing in peat moss, but the harvesting process is pretty bad for the planet. Coco coir is something I wanted to like, but my plants didn't seem to like it. The buffering process is a mess. Plus I've found that some growers love those expanding cubes, they are convenient, but it just doesn't seem like enough root zone area to me. Rock wool does work, much to my surprise a plant can grow in cotton candy made from rocks. However, get that stuff on your skin and you'll be itchy all day, oasis foam is a but better for that and performs similarly. I did like starting my clones in rock wool slabs under the humidity dome. It seemed like they rooted quickly and watering them was a bit easier. However when trying to transplant a rooted clone to a coco cube or pot of soil they seemed to suffer that media change over. A lot more than say taking clones from a cloner and putting them in soil or even 4"rock wool cubes. I'm curious about what you all prefer for media. Do you think it matters? Is there a product you can't live without or one you'd never have in your grow again? Is there one you've never tried but want to?"God made dirt and dirt don't hurt"


There are advantages and disadvantages to each and it all depends on the application.

I prefer a hydroponic setup and enjoy rock wool most. The disposal of soil and coco media becomes quite a task when the plant is finished. Rock wool is light and easy to break down unlike soils and coco that are heavy and take a while to dry out!

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