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Montana Marijuana Workers and Human Trafficking Training

Questions that Need Answers


In Montana (which will be also recreational 1/1/22) medical marijuana workers must obtain a permit and show annual proof that they have completed a training for identification/prevention/reporting of suspected Human Trafficking.

Can anyone in Montana tell me where or whom this training can be obtained?

Thank you.


Amanda-Dunn-853805: Greetings.

Hello Amanda! Exciting that Montana is in the process of legalizing. I did some research and found this website. The website states its accredidted in many states and counties for a human trafficking training. They also have a marijuana education coures. When reading the bill proposed in Montana on pages 10-11 Section 7 it does state that you'll need to have taken courses for both. I wasn't able to find something promoted by the state of Montana so I am unsure if they will be rolling out their own courses. Montana Cannabis Control Divison doesn't have any information around "Recreational Employees" but this will be the best place to keep an eye on and see what programs they will be accepting. Feel free to reach out with any other questions.

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