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Getting Started in Cannabis

Moving out of state to start career?

Getting Started in Cannabis

I can see your predicament is very frustrating. Yet your query offers a strong hint of a passion of yours.... To find a career in the Cannabis industry.

Sometimes it can take a bold and daring Act:

such as moving to a new state that allows recreational use.

One may begin with networking to see if there's a space One can stay at until they "get their feet on the ground".

It may require pursuing other forms of income in order to gain residency and licensing in the state One moves to.

From there One may pursue breaking into the cannabis industry. Obviously this may take time, time in which to study the laws of the state you moved into, connect with a network of people in the industry and do Ones own research of some of the valued benefits cannabis offers, that One finds an inspiration in or perhaps healing attributes.

Following Ones passion, sometimes One needs to take side roads in order to obtain Ones ultimate goal.

You sound to me as one with the passion and so I just encourage you to continue, do whatever it takes to find your way.

Though it may not be easy at times the greatest reward comes in seeing Ones perseverance and willingness to go to whatever lengths to land that dream job becoming a reality 🤗.

It's truly remarkable what happens when sharing One's passion, it kind of evokes of others a desire to help at any measure.

So ultimately my suggestion is consider many of the benefits that you find most interesting about cannabis, share that passion with the community here at Vangst and see what evolves.

You may very well find a place to live with someone who is equally passionate as well as compassionate perhaps even empathetic to your situation.

I wish you the very best of luck, but luck is not what's going to get you there....

There just simply is something amazing when someone shares passionately!

I hope that offers something of value for you.

Peace, N8 🤠.


Laura-Grilli: can anyone answer this?

Hello Laura,

Hope you are having a good day so far! To answer your question, that is not always true of having to have a state license in the state you plan on working within the cannabis industry. You used to have to obtain a Colorado state license to work in cannabis in colorado but that is no longer true as you do NOT need a state license to work in cannabis. Also, in Massachusetts, you do not need to have a Massachusetts state license to get the certifications. However, in states such as Arizona and Missouri, you will need a state license for those specific states. From past experience, It also could be beneficial to call whatever state you wish to work in's marijuana department by getting their number off of the state website and asking them if they require an in-state license to obtain their specific certifications.

I hope that helped and if you need anything more, please feel free to reach out!

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