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Music to work to?

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Hey Folks!

Tuesday is going by a little slow for me. I was wondering what music ya'll listen to while working? Sometimes I listen to a Lo-Fi station if the day is chill. Today I am needing some energy so I've got HouseWerk playlist going on Spotify. What do you listen to while working?



This is Joji or Joji Radio or This is Tame Impala or LCD Soundsystem or Beastie Boys or Gorillaz Radio. Any playlist from 90's - 2010's...All on Spotify : )

I listen to a lot of reggae to keep spirits high if I am grinding for a long time on something. Tropical house is also fun if I want something with a little bit more energy.

Synthwave, hands down, great music to listen to stoned and get some stuff done. I've been on this stuff for the past year or so. After playing music for a long time it's hard to listen sometimes and not over anayze it and this is mostly instrumental which I find helps for concentration.

This is all I've needed for about a week:

Some Dead & Company for some soothing tunes for me :)

Hope I'm not too late to the party but, almost anything from Dirty Heads keeps me uplifted and chill.

techno for harvest, or IPM work. Reggae or house for deleafing. Club for management

Depends on the mood, but usually something mellow! Tribe called quest, or some island music

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