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My Experience Working with Cannabis in Arkansas


Throughout 2020 I had the opportunity to work with one of the largest cannabis dispensaries in all of Arkansas. Arkansas is vastly different in terms of cannabis and cultivation than many states I have had experience with. For starters there are less than 50 dispensaries servicing the entire state and 5 cultivators who grow and process flower for the over 50,000 medical patients in the state. Because of this, many times our dispensary had only 1-2 strains to choose from and sometimes we even ran out of all flower to provide to patients. We had to wait days on end for the cultivators who were over 4 hours away to drive to our location to provide us with fresh product. This proved to be difficult to ensure customers could always get what they need and for a reasonable price. With all this being said every month we hit over $1,000,000 in sales in the less than 3,000 square feet building. Depending on interest I will continue this post with more information.


It is always interesting to watch a market develop. Sometimes markets can take a long time to develop especially if the government makes it difficult with lots of red tape involved to open up a facility. As a result, the supply cannot keep up with the demand. Recreational legalization tends to help this. If I am not mistaken, there is currently a push to have legalization on the ballot in Arkansas in 2022, so that may help break the market open and increase the supply. I am not as surprised that sales numbers are as good as they are, seeing as there is such a limited supply that retailers can make a killing and sell out of supply on a fairly regular basis from what you have observed.

Right on Danny!!!! Thanks for joining the conversation and I love all the stats btw ;)

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