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Introduce Yourself

💚 Hello Vangst family, my name is Santino Martinez. I recently joined the community and I was almost instantly paired with a company that saw my potential and that is true to the culture of cannabis. I am happy to know that this space is facilitating these opportunities and I hope to see more connections and hires happening here on

If anybody here would like to connect about all of the work that I do in the cannabis industry and ways that my team at can help your cannabis dispensary or brand with websites and digital media marketing, please reach out! 🌱


Hi Santino! Love to hear this! I'll be sure to let our recruiters know to keep your name in mind whenever we have opportunities come up that fit your background :)

+1 what Kelsea said. LOVE TO SEE IT, Santino!

good evening I am Rostand abega, for some time I have been the activities of some companies from Cameroon on cannabis cultivation thanks to , which boosted me to create my small cultivation discreetly.

given the difficulties I encounter under the influence of the authorities I hope pouvoir trouver une entreprise sur that will need my services on culture.

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