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Need branding/logos for your company I can design and or provide some ideas

Branding and Marketing

http://k-115lifestyle.comI'm looking to partnership with a starting cannbis or a running cannabis company that needs designs, I'm selling some logos I haven't released for my clothing brand. Starting up a cannabis company is a side goal of mine, i have extensive knowledge of growing cannabis as well as what it'll take to own/partnership a company


Hello Jayden!

Feel free to follow companies in the San Diego area. Also, you can use the companies on Vangst as a directory and reach out to them via their websites. Best of luck!

Yo! Check me out. I am actually working with people right now trying to kick around new ideas.

Thanks for sharing. i need a logo for my pickleball website name is pickleballhop that is providing pickleball guides, blogs and reviews. people can read all information about pickleball paddles, tennis paddles, and badminton games on this website.

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