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Oklahoma Regulation changes coming in September 2021?

State Regulations and Requirements

Is anyone really tapped into the potential/upcoming changes headed to hit Oklahoma in September? Our cannabis council in Colorado has been tracking it but I haven't found any concrete changes from the February legislative session openly posted - be it that a few are mentioned here:

Thoughts on the good or bad of regulation changes to the wild OK market?


It is said that the cbd industry will usher in the second wave, what do you think?

Hey Coree, a really good spot to check out inside information on any of the states that would otherwise. go unreported is a group of social media accounts called @theblacklistxyz. They have an account for each state, but they get a lot of inside information from people who otherwise dont have the time or ability to speak to the public about ongoing changes in their industry. To my knowledge, Oklahamo shook the entire industry for opting out of the METRC program, although its still most likely going to be implemented they delayed the role out a number of times, as they said it was costly, and was hurting more than helping. This is what I have just read and heard from other cultivators, and retail operators, but Oklahamo seems to be the friendliest states for small business cannabis companies.

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